Amendment 2 Says “Yes” to Drug-Laced Treats

Every item pictured on this page is laced with THC

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, the chemical that causes intoxication. It is one of more than a hundred compounds called cannabinoids  found in pot. Over the last 30 years, techniques have been developed to radically and dangerously increase the levels of THC found in common pot so it now contains upwards of 10 – 15 times the THC as the pot of the 1960s.

As THC levels have risen so have the problems including addiction. The pot industry is now producing a wide range of candy and food products infused with highly concentrated THC. In its concentrated form only 10 mg of THC, less than a thousandth of an ounce, is enough to intoxicate an adult.

Every one of the products pictured on this page contain THC but you can’t tell that by looking. And neither can your children.

Florida’s Amendment 2, which will be on the ballet in November 2016, makes these and nearly 300 other similar products legal in Florida. Here are the facts:

  • Amendment 2 is being promoted by wealthy interests as a compassion-driven way to get “medicine” to the sick and dying.
  • But, Amendment 2 makes every conceivable kind of “edible” legal such as the ones pictured on this page many of which are obviously packaged to appeal to or at least confuse children. Amendment 2 also opens the door to advertising these THC-based products. Even Colorado has now banned THC-infused candy designed to appeal to children.
  • According to the 2014 report of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), more than 2 million Americans already suffer from pot/THC dependence. Reports of addiction appear to have increased as the concentration of THC in pot has increased. Reportedly, some products on the market in “medical marijuana” states contain upwards of 90% THC.
  • Pot promoters have already been bragging that pushing THC products into Florida communities will be a “cash cow” and anticipate they may be able to turn Florida into the second largest pot/THC market in the country.
  • Even though Amendment 2 has not yet been adopted, estimates are that its passage will result in nearly 2000 pot shops opening across Florida and give more than 100,000 independent THC distributors a license to operate.

Our questions are: who benefits from Amendment 2? Who would benefit by opening nearly 20oo shops selling THC disguised as candy?

In our opinion, it is not the people: not parents, children, teachers or community leaders. Typically, when it comes to addictive drugs, the only winner is the pusher and the big business behind the drug supply line.