Amendment 2: Helping the Pusher at the Expense of the People

Month: June 2016

Even Colorado says “No” to THC gummy bears

Colorado, one of the few state in which recreational use of pot is legal, has now banned THC gummy bears according to online reports. The ban comes in the wake of increases in the number of children presenting in emergency rooms who have inadvertently ingested THC-laced candy.

Although it appears that pot big business disagrees with the move, Colorado health authorities have been pushing for such a ban since 2014 according to reports.

Despite the well-documented stories of children being rushed to the emergency room and of casualties associated with THC-laced candies, Florida’s Amendment 2 makes legal any kind of candy or food laced with THC.

THC gummies cause seizures, hallucinations and vomiting

According to an April 2016 report by WBIR, 1 adult and two minors were hospitalized after eating toxic THC-laced gummy bears. The packaging for the candy claimed that each gummy contained 450 mg of THC, more than 40 times the adult intoxication dose. The two minor girls spent several days in the hospital, including time in the ICU for one of them, according to the report. For more information, see the original WBIR report.

2-year old hospitalized after eating THC candy

In March 2016, KRDO reported that two Colorado Springs parents were charged with child abuse after their two-year-old child was hospitalized after eating THC-laced candy. The parents reportedly fell asleep watching a movie with a friend and the child subsequently found and ate the candy. For more information see KRDO report.

3 Year old “minimally responsive” after eating THC candies

WSAU reports that in February 2016 a Sheboygan couple who acquired THC edibles from Colorado left the candy on a table within reach of children attending a child’s birthday party. Their 3-year old found and ate the candy and was subsequently rushed to the hospital and was breathing but “minimally responsive.” The report indicates the parents didn’t initially admit to police what had occurred. For more information, see the WSAU report.

8-year old hospitalized by THC cookie

In February of this year, KATU news reported that an 8-year old was hospitalized after eating a “medical marijuana” cookie he found at a rock quarry. According to the report his mother said her son was pulling at his face and wasn’t feeling right after eating the cookie. He spent five hours in the hospital while doctors monitored his “rapid pulse and heart rate.” For more information see the KATU report.

THC businesses posed to flood Florida

The number of businesses prepared to profit by pushing THC-related products is skyrocketing.

In a March 18, 2014 article in the Orlando Business Journal entitled, “See who’s sparking up Florida’s medical marijuana industry (database)“, the reporter found 25 incorporated companies in Florida that had the word “marijuana” in their name.

In comparison, a search of corporations through the Florida Secretary of State’s Office in May 2016 found 45 corporations formed since 2014 with the word “marijuana” in the title, an additional 73 with the word “cannabis or cannabiz” in their name and another 20 or so with “Canna.”

It appears that big business has already taken the vote on Amendment 2 into their own hands.

Amendment 2 by the numbers

Following are key numbers Floridians should keep in mind when it comes to Amendment 2:

  • 300 THC-infused candies, cookies and other foods that Amendment 2 makes legal. No child will be able to distinguish THC candies from non-toxic versions.
  • Nearly 2000 pot shops spread across Florida, each one pushing THC products.
  • More than 100,000 independent distributors and potential growers of pot and THC products. Based on Department of Health estimates, Florida’s cities and towns will have a THC distributor on average every 250 yards.
  • More than 2 million people currently addicted to THC across the United States.
  • More than $1 billion in projected THC sales in Florida alone if Amendment 2 passes – more than the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins combined take in annually.
  • More THC sales projected for Florida than any other state except California should Amendment 2 pass.
  • More than $20 billion in THC sales projected to happen nationwide within four years.

THC industry targets Florida as “nation’s biggest frontier”

A key Florida proponent of making THC products widely available was recently quoted by CBS Miami as saying that attempts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is “a gold rush” and that “…people are stampeding for this gold rush.”

The comments came at a Kissimmee gathering of THC big business and according to the CBS report, proponents expect Florida to be big business for THC because “…there is no state in the union that is more ready for this industry than this state.”

CBS also reports that the THC industry as a whole believes that opening up unrestricted access to “medical marijuana” in Florida would “eclipse” the $1 billion a year Colorado recreational marijuana market. It would make Florida the biggest THC market in the country outside of California.

By comparison, according to a Forbes list, all three NFL teams in Florida have a combined revenue of only $950 million. Interestingly, the comparison to the NFL doesn’t stop with Florida. According to a February 2016 Fortune article, the THC industry predicts it will see total sales of $21.8 billion within four years, making it substantially larger than the total NFL current revenue of $12 billion.


Florida a potential THC “cash cow”

In the middle of May this year, national THC business interests descended on Kissimmee to celebrate and plan their intended take-over of Florida.

In describing the event, The Tampa Bay Times said that legalizing medical pot in Florida could open “one of the biggest markets in the world” which would be a potential “cash cow.”

Their intended plan is to make Florida the second-largest pot market in the country behind only California. According to the article, key Florida THC proponents are looking for big business to contribute towards opening up Florida as a big THC market .

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