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THC gummies cause seizures, hallucinations and vomiting

According to an April 2016 report by WBIR, 1 adult and two minors were hospitalized after eating toxic THC-laced gummy bears. The packaging for the candy claimed that each gummy contained 450 mg of THC, more than 40 times the adult intoxication dose. The two minor girls spent several days in the hospital, including time in the ICU for one of them, according to the report. For more information, see the original WBIR report.

2-year old hospitalized after eating THC candy

In March 2016, KRDO reported that two Colorado Springs parents were charged with child abuse after their two-year-old child was hospitalized after eating THC-laced candy. The parents reportedly fell asleep watching a movie with a friend and the child subsequently found and ate the candy. For more information see KRDO report.

3 Year old “minimally responsive” after eating THC candies

WSAU reports that in February 2016 a Sheboygan couple who acquired THC edibles from Colorado left the candy on a table within reach of children attending a child’s birthday party. Their 3-year old found and ate the candy and was subsequently rushed to the hospital and was breathing but “minimally responsive.” The report indicates the parents didn’t initially admit to police what had occurred. For more information, see the WSAU report.

8-year old hospitalized by THC cookie

In February of this year, KATU news reported that an 8-year old was hospitalized after eating a “medical marijuana” cookie he found at a rock quarry. According to the report his mother said her son was pulling at his face and wasn’t feeling right after eating the cookie. He spent five hours in the hospital while doctors monitored his “rapid pulse and heart rate.” For more information see the KATU report.

THC tied to horrific self-stabbing teenage death

In perhaps the most horrific example of a death associated with THC, Daniel Juarez, 18, stabbed himself 20 times including a stab to the heart. According to a CBS report, Juarez had more than 7 times the legal standard for THC-intoxication in his system.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The CBS report also indicated that after smoking pot, Juarez said he’d had an epiphany and then ran around wildly. He went into his apartment, got a knife and stabbed himself 20 times. CBS reports that Erika Juarez said “I lost my brother to it. It’s not harmless, it can kill people and most people don’t see that.”

THC habit triggered fatal heart condition

A 53-year old UK man died from a heart condition known as cannabis cardiotoxicity trigged by his pot use according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The article reports that the Bolton Coroner’s Court ruled that John O’Brien died from the heart problem caused by smoking cannabis. Mr. O’Brien developed his THC habit after a car accident.

THC tied to 26-year old’s falling death

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

A CBS report on deaths associated with THC intoxication details the falling death of Tron Dohse. Dohse had more than five times the Colorado impaired driving limit for THC in his system when he decided to climb the outside of his apartment building to gain access to his apartment. He fell to his death.

See the CBS report for more information.

THC related to 17-year old’s suicide

According to a CBS report, Brant Clark’s mother reported that her 17-year-old son smoked a large amount of pot at a party which lead to a “major psychotic break.” Over the next three days he ended up in the ER at two hospitals.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The CBS4 reports found that Brant told doctors, “Marijuana really messed me up” and that Brant “reported feelings of paranoia after marijuana that he couldn’t shake.”

CBS reports that Brant’s mother said “I believe my son would be alive today if he had never used marijuana.”


Butane explosion kills man trying to extract THC

According to an article in OregonLive, Joseph Westom died as a result of receiving burns over 90% of his body after an explosion occurred in a garage where Westom and a friend were extracting THC from marijuana using butane. Butane, the same flammable gas used in lighters, is commonly used to extract THC from marijuana.

Westom died 18 days after receiving the burns and his friend spent six weeks in a coma and went through multiple surgeries to graft skin to replace skin burnt in the explosion.

Man with THC in his system charged with vehicular manslaughter

A man was arrested on multiple complaints including manslaughter. Authorities said he had marijuana in his system when he caused a deadly collision in Oklahoma County in December, 2014. According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office, the collision happened on December 1, 2014, in the 900 block of S. Anderson Road. Matthew Allen Kupczynski, 26, reportedly drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into another vehicle driven by 56-year-old Lowell Wayne Allen. Allen was killed as a result of the crash.

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