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THC a Florida and national problem

The Today Show aired a significant look at the problems posed by THC-laced edibles. Unfortunately, Florida has the distinction of being mentioned in the story because five local high school students were recently sent to the ER after ingesting THC-laced gummies.

The full Today Show piece, “Edible marijuana that looks like candy is sending kids to the ER” is well worth the watch for parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders.

More Florida students hit with THC candies

On the heels of the five Boca Ciega students being sent to the ER after ingesting THC-laced gummies, students from at St. Petersburg’s Northside Christian School injested THC-gummies on the way to a spring break baseball game.

According to the story, covered by Channel 8, two students were expelled and another seven were suspended. For full details see “Northside Christian students busted for drug-laced gummies on way to baseball game.”

Five Florida students sent to ER after eating THC edibles

Channel 8 ran a story about police warning parents about drug-laced candies containing THC. This occurred after five students from Gulfport’s Boca Ciega High School were sent to the hospital after “eating drug-laced gummy worms.” Channel 8 also reported that St. Petersburg’s police recently confiscated “marshmallow/cereal type of treats, gummies and lollipops that were laced with high concentrations of THC.”

For more details see “Police share photos, video, of drug-laced candies to warn parents.”

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