A key Florida proponent of making THC products widely available was recently quoted by CBS Miami as saying that attempts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is “a gold rush” and that “…people are stampeding for this gold rush.”

The comments came at a Kissimmee gathering of THC big business and according to the CBS report, proponents expect Florida to be big business for THC because “…there is no state in the union that is more ready for this industry than this state.”

CBS also reports that the THC industry as a whole believes that opening up unrestricted access to “medical marijuana” in Florida would “eclipse” the $1 billion a year Colorado recreational marijuana market. It would make Florida the biggest THC market in the country outside of California.

By comparison, according to a Forbes list, all three NFL teams in Florida have a combined revenue of only $950 million. Interestingly, the comparison to the NFL doesn’t stop with Florida. According to a February 2016 Fortune article, the THC industry predicts it will see total sales of $21.8 billion within four years, making it substantially larger than the total NFL current revenue of $12 billion.