This is one of those things that is obvious when you just take a look. Think about the last medicines your doctor prescribed and how it was packaged when you picked it up from a registered pharmacy. Then look at the images of THC products on this site. The difference is obvious.

If you’re old enough to remember a time when candy cigarettes were sold to kids who thought smoking them was “cool”, you’ll have a better appreciation for the way THC business packages high levels of THC in lollipops, PopTart lookalikes, candy bars, Rice Krispy treats, cookies and gummy bears.

At least one candy giant, Hershey, has taken action about the problem and sued a Colorado edible manufacturer for making candies that mimicked Hershey products. The THC company settled the lawsuit, agreed to recall all the products Hershey found offensive and committed never to use names or packaging that Hershey felt infringed on their brands.